Babies and Children

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Ballarat osteopath - Babies and childrenOsteopathy is suitable for the smallest of babies right up to growing teenagers.

We often help babies with problems that are related to strains acquired during birth. If your baby is having feeding difficulties, suffering from reflux and vomiting, or is very irritable and sleeping poorly, then osteopathy may be helpful in alleviating the musculo-skeletal aspects, such as muscle tension and joint restricion, that may contribute to the above problems.

We also treat babies who have a distorted shaped head, known as plagiocephaly. This may have come about due to a very fast or, conversely, a very prolonged labour, a difficult presentation such as forehead first or breech position, or from an assisted delivery where forceps or Ventouse suction were used. Osteopaths will assess and treat the musculoskeletal system and how this relates to plagiocephaly.

Toddlers and children commonly see us for problems such as postural problems, pain after a fall or fracture, scoliosis and other musculoskeletal issues.

We also see teenagers with all sorts of different problems. Often it is for pain associated with study habits and heavy schoolbags, too much time in front of a computer or gaming console, scoliosis, sporting injuries and bone growth problems.

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