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Ballarat osteopath - Treating PainPain is the most common reason people choose to see an osteopath. In particular neck and back pain, headaches and migraines, and shoulder pain are the most common complaints.

We try to help our patients achieve better health by assessing where they feel their pain and how it may be affecting their whole body. For example, often a patient will complain of chronic headaches and we will assess and treat their neck, head and shoulders. We will also always look at the whole body and often find other areas of strain, for instance in the lower back, and treat these areas as well.

This may be particularly important with pain that has been felt for a long time. If we just treat the painful area, you may only feel short-term relief. When we treat strain in other parts of the body as well, you may gain longer lasting relief or your pain may not return at all.


 Osteopaths commonly treat:

Low back pain and sciatica

Neck pain


Shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, impingement syndrome, shoulder instability

Upper and lower limb pain

Jaw (TMJ) pain

Pelvic pain and pelvic instability

Hand and foot pain


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