Pregnancy (before, during and after)

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Ballarat osteopath - Pregnancy, before, during and afterThe health of the musculoskeletal system is very important during pregnancy, labour, delivery and post-natally. Osteopaths can assist pregnant women to achieve and maintain their physical health. .

Some women experience some pain, discomfort and illness during pregnancy. Some of the most common complaints include low back and pelvic pain and instability, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, shoulder and mid-back pain.
To accommodate the growing foetus the body undergoes tremendous changes. Increased abdominal size due to growth of the baby causes the body’s centre of gravity to shift forward. This can place strain on the lumbar spine and pelvis. Hormonal changes that prepare the body for delivery cause softening of muscles and supporting ligaments. The combination of these two factors frequently result in stress on the low back and pelvic joints which can cause low back and pelvic pain, and associated leg pain or sciatica.
During birth, the descent of the baby through the pelvis is influenced by the tone of the ligaments, the release of hormones, the strength of uterine contraction, gravity and position of the baby. If the mother's pelvis is unstable or lacking mobility, it may interfere with the baby’s passage through the birth canal. 
After birth some women experience persistent low back pain, mid-back pain or neck pain. This is usually associated with the change in physical activity that new mothers experience. Activities such as breast feeding, carrying the baby and the constant bending over to pick the baby up from cots, change tables and the floor can play a role in the development and persistence of musculoskeletal pain for new mothers.
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