Biodynamic Osteopathy (Cranial Osteopathy)

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Ballarat osteopath - Cranial osteopathy

Biodynamic Osteopathy recognises that the embryological forces that created the embryo, are also the forces of growth and development, and the sustaining, healing forces throughout life.

Osteopathy has the core belief that the body functions as a single unit; body, mind and spirit.  Furthermore, that it is capable of self-regulation and healing. Health is our natural state and the body is always moving towards it.

Biodynamic Osteopathy is an extremely gentle and holistic treatment approach that views the body as a whole. As with any Osteopathic consultation, your osteopath will take a complete medical history, perform a thorough examination and testing as required and provide a diagnosis. With Biodynamic Osteopathy, there is further assessment made that is much more subtle: the patient may be fully clothed as the practitioner applies their hands gently to different areas of the body to assess how it is functioning and the structures that may need assistance back to health.

With this information, the Osteopath assists the body to a resting place, a point of balance. It is thought this supports the body to come to ease, rest and heal. People often comment on feeling very relaxed and peaceful after treatment.

Biodynamic Osteopathy is suitable for all conditions that normally present to Osteopaths and appropriate for all ages; babies, children, adults and elderly.

Osteopaths study Biodynamic Osteopathy as post-graduates. The full complement of study takes over 10 years to complete and includes specific modules in the Treatment of Children.


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